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Re: Please review my Web Site!
From Craig Boas at French Accents Antique Furniture on 28 Sept '00
replying to Please review my Web Site! posted by Mario Antoniou

>I've just uploaded my website and would like to have a few visits for any comments or suggestions on what may be lacking with regards to the content or design. Since I'm asking for it, I welcome all criticism, even the harsh. It's the only way to learn?

Very slick design (especially important in light of the fact that
you're selling web design services). I like the color scheme, logo,
and layout - the feel of the site is clean and ultramodern. At
*least* an eight out of ten. Bear all that in mind as you read what
follows; after all, going on and on about what you did right wouldn't really
really help you!

I would bet (a small amount of) money that the person who wrote the
site's copy was not a native English speaker. For example, what are
"bespoke online solutions?" A few of the other pages have run-on
sentences, and even when the text isn't gramatically incorrect,
it remains a bit... stilted. To make matters worse, you've used
graphics to display text, which means that I need to bump down my
monitor's resolution or squint a bit to read it.

You have no meta keyword or description tags. Between the fact that
you used graphic text, frames, and left out these tags, it's likely
that you'll be ranked *very* poorly on search engines. (search
engines, as opposed to directories, you will probably do quite
well on the latter). Depending on how you plan to find your
customers, this may or may not be a problem.

In your portfolio, it would be nice if there were links to the actual
client sites. To keep this from carrying visitors away from your
site, you can make these open in a new window by including the
target="_window" property inside of the href tag like this:

<a href="blah.html" target="_window">blah blah blah</a>"

Finally, consider giving visitors some indication that they need to
click on your name to enter. I know you're shooting for the
minimalist look here, but even an animated .gif that's transparent for
ten seconds and then fades in to read "click here to enter" would
be nice (I know, graphic text, but this is for a special effect - just
make it nice and large :-).

Hope this helps. As always, feel free to visit my site at and return fire :-)


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