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Re: HELP!!!!!
From Patrick R at on 30 Sept '00
replying to HELP!!!!! posted by A BLACK

>I'm using a free ISP's web space for my site untill I get a domain. I've been told that naming a .htaccess text file in the root directory will point any incorrect address or file name entered in the address bar to a nice filenotfound page of my choice. I thought that this wouldn't work on freeisps space as there filenotfound may override but funnily enough my isps ic24 appears not too, so I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what text I need to put into the text file and if that's the correct name I need to name it, as when I tested it it sort of worked but not entirely
>Please help
>Thank you

It might be different on NT servers, etc, but this is how I do it:

ErrorDocument 400
ErrorDocument 401
ErrorDocument 403
ErrorDocument 404
ErrorDocument 405
ErrorDocument 500

I have a directory called "error_docs" in my public_html directory and that's where I put my error docs. They are titled "404.html, 405.html etc...

So you would put:

ErrorDocument 404

It's a good idea to put a real explanation of what that error is.

Also, I would suggest putting a time-delayed re-direct (about 3 to 5 secs) back to your homepage.

Good Luck!

Patrick R.

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