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Re: Please review my Web Site!
From Patrick R at on 30 Sept '00
replying to Please review my Web Site! posted by Mario Antoniou

>I've just uploaded my website and would like to have a few visits for any comments or suggestions on what may be lacking with regards to the content or design. Since I'm asking for it, I welcome all criticism, even the harsh. It's the only way to learn?

Whoever designed the site has a lot of talent, however on closer look it's obvious that he/she lives in "Designerland".

First off the frames are a big liability in terms of search engine promotion, etc. On top of that, each time I clicked on a link, the entire page re-loaded anyway, so dump the frames and use tables instead.

Second, (Like Craig says), the body text shouldn't be a graphic. Instead use stylesheets to control the font/size/etc.

Third, from reading Craig's response it sounds as if you have some demo sites in your portfolio, unfortunately I couldn't see anything, just the grey background image. This makes your description "...our rapidly growing list of clients..." sound highly suspect.

(I'm on a Macintosh with IE 4.5, and Flash is installed, if that helps)

I hope this helps!

Patrick Rogers
-- - Get More From Your Yard!

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