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Re: Please Review my Site!!! (Please)
From Patrick at on 2 Oct '00
replying to Re: Please Review my Site!!! (Please) posted by David A

>>I've been posting to this forum on and off for over two years, I'm not just popping in and asking for a review, never to be seen again.
>>So anyone who has received my help in the past, please review my new revision, I would like to get as much input as possible before I go through the tedious task of changing all my pages!!!
>>the revision is at:
>>This revision is supposed to make the page look right on Windows machines (as I'm on a Mac).
>>I've added StyleSheets to control the font face, size, etc.
>>Please let me know how it looks on your machine!
>>Much thanks in advance
>>Patrick Rogers
>I'm running Win98, IE 5.5, 1024x768.
>Layout, sizing, etc. looked fine. However, I noticed that under Netscape the font is not arial it is Times. Let me explain. I do all my surfing and development in IE. I have Netscape setup with extreme font settings (face, size, color). That way when I design a new site/page I can quickly check to see if I've missed anything with style sheets. Anyway back to your site under my Netscape the font face was times and under IE it was Arial.

Thanks You! It's good to know that at least some of it worked right :-). That's a good idea with the two browsers! I'll have to do that too!

Does anyone have any idea why it wouldn't work? Does Netscape have a problem with stylesheets?


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