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Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!
From Patrick at on 2 Oct '00
replying to Re: HELP!!!!!!!!! posted by A BLACK

Take out the "=", there should only be a space.

ErrorDocument 404

Although, I would change that to error_404.html or put it in it's own directory and call it 404.html, because eventually you're going to want to add pages for other errors, particularly authization denied.

by the way, the old listings are on the september page at:

every month a new page is created.

Best of Luck!

Patrick R.
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>Sorry the address is and not "" as below..
>>Thank you to all that replyed to last weeks messages that seem to now have disappeared, only the advice that I have been given doesn't work, maybe I'm doing things wrong. I want to create a page so that if anyone enters a page or file that doesn't exist on the server, into the address bar, they will get a nice File not found page that I created, as suppose to the boring operating system one. I have created a text file names .htaccess (is this right) of which I type ErrorDocument 404= though whenever I type a url on my sever that I know doesn't exist, I get the usual Windows File not found message, Please help. I'm currently using a ISPs free webspace which is nearly a domain (I will soon be getting a proper domain that will redirect to this server) though I know that unlike many free ISPs webspace this one doesn't override which their own file not found page so the .htaccess method should work, though isn't, Please can any of you help- what am I doing wrong, I'll even give you my ftp server password if it comes to that as I don't know whats wrong,
>>Thanks for reading

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