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Re: Java Script E-Mail
From A BLACK at Ian and the Creatures on 3 Oct '00
replying to Re: Java Script E-Mail posted by Liliane

...Thanks for your reply, only I've viewed the source of your page and the form in question appears to use cgi and pl which I can't (and don't want to use- sorry!) I need a JavaScript form
If anyone else can help please let me know

Thanks again


>I think that you are looking for a similar script as the one I am using. You could check it out at and click on Free Estimate for the form to come up, then fill it in and click send, please mention in the comment box that it is your trial run so that I know. If it is what you are looking for then I will adjust it to suit you.
>>Hello all,
>> I'm sorry to keep bothering you all about my problems I'm experiencing only, this seems to be the only board I've come to where people actually seem to know what they're talking about!
>>I'm trying to create a Java Script E-Mail form on my site. It will require the following fields: Name:, Your E-mail Address:, Your Subject: and the message body (comments:) I will then need a submit button and a clear button. What I require is a script that can actually send the e-mail using web SMTP and a script that contains the address the e-mail needs to be sent to (eg me: hidden in the script so that people can't use the form to send mail to other people. Also, the thing I wan't most of all out of anything is for when the user hits send or submit the page will refresh to another page saying your mail has been sent, as suppose to the normal box coming up saying that this form is being sent by e-mail... Then you click ok and it opens your default e-mail programme- this isn't what I want. I've been searching the web weekly for nearly a year trying to find a script that does this though the best I have found is a JavaMail that does the job but when I sent an e-mail to myself from it it said from (unknown) as a required field was not included, also when I sent viewed the source to try and set it up myself for my site, I found they used an external script (Java Script) that I couldn't set up.
>>So, any ideas anyone, sorry to keep bothering you, and I promise I'll credit you all once my site is up and running, just let me know your details and I'll acknowledge you. It's just another of those things that I can't seem to track down anywhere, and getting desperate I was thinking of trying to use that page I found but can no longer find it.
>>Please help
>>P:S I'm looking for a JavaScript version, my server does not suppost pl, cgi plus I like the simplicity of JavaScript even if it is looked down upon
>>Please e-mail:

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