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Re: Is my site any good?
From Paul Barrs at Home Business Mastery on 9 Oct '00
replying to Is my site any good? posted by Xionz

Hi Xionz,

You've obviously thought out the content for your site, and you have a reasonable amount of information on your subject.

However, you may like to make it more user friendly. That is, get rid of some of the frames.

Two frames per page is OK, but three, that is really pushing it. I've been wathcing an interesting discussion through the ezine from IMC, and many would agree that having frames does not help your effort at all to rank in search engines.

Do as the previous suggestion said. Find out first to even *see* if your are listed anywhere in the search engines. The easiest is altavista. Go to the search and type in Home Business Mastery, and see if my site, comes up in the top ten.

I used a combination of title, keywords, and meta tages to get a good spot.

But for Yahoo it is totally different. And so it is for each engine.

Look around, and find out which engine curently has the *least* competition for your site content. Find out what they want from your pages and then create pages that suit that engine.

And so on. It can take some time, but if traffic is what you want from engines, it's worth it.

- Paul Barrs.

PS - Arranging reciprical links with other content related sites is a far more rewarding effort. More about that another time.

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