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Re: please somebody with some knowledge save me!
From Inachu at Help Desk Club on 10 Oct '00
replying to please somebody with some knowledge save me! posted by zammyh

Pre loading can be done if images are very large and is done with java script sometimes or in a applet.
Applets are nice if you want to keep the image from copyright theives
also applets load last and let the rest of teh page load first.

So applets might be better for you.

And don't forget to use the load low tag.

This is where you must save the picture as a png or gif low res picture then the full color picture will replace the low res.

So preloading is ok but using low res or the newwer aol image format is also nice.


>I've been searching high and low for a command for preloading images on my website - can this be done? - in advance of my index.html page opening ?
>- and can I preload images for the rest of the site upon a user getting into a sub-page of the site?
>please somebody with some knowledge save me!

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