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Re: Comments on my web site please
From Alex Berkovsky at syosset and woodbury directory on 7 March '99
replying to Re: Comments on my web site please posted by IonZone

>1st: I got a javascript error when the page loaded.
>2nd: I have to scroll right to see the whole page in 800x600.
>3rd: Lose the animated e-mail, it looks unprofessional.
>4th: Move the left side search/navigation table to the top.
>this would fix your sizing least for 800x600 folks.
>5th: Guestbook...hmmm...I would think most of your visitors
>would be local. This is going to make for a lot of similar entries.
>6th: You could cut about 2K per page off if you delete all the
>spaces from your code.
>7th: You could probably generate some nice ad revenue by contacting
>each business you list and offer them a text description with their
>link, for a small fee.

1-3. Easy fix (my stupidity and lack of testing)
4. Contemplating on using frames for the navigation bar (yes, I know Jim says to avoid frames) so I don't have to load it on each page. Also on long pages (i.e. directory index) people would have to scroll up for the nav bar.
5. Good point. I'll scratch my head on that.
6. I'm not sure I follow which spaces to delete?
7. That is my hope for this whole project.

Thanks for the replies.

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