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Re: Is my site just about ready to go?
From Jim Perry on 18 Oct '00
replying to Re: Is my site just about ready to go? posted by Jim Perry

Hello again, I just looked at my reply and it appears that you can use HTML on this forum. So here is what the code looks like, with the angle brackets turned around: >PRE< >/PRE< Jim Perry >Hello Linda, > >Regarding the unbalanced columns: if you want them to come out of equal length, then maybe the preformatted text tags with several blank lines between the opening and closing tags will do the trick. Use as many blank lines as are needed to make the column lengths come out the same. > >Thus >
> >I think that will do it. > >Jim Perry > > >>Hello! >> >>I'd love if it the regulars here would check out my new site at It's just about ready to go--depending on when you get there, the "At Sporting Events" page and the contact form may not be active yet. But other than that, what do you think? Ready for the public? When it is, I plan to send press releases and submit to search engines. >> >>One thing that bugs me about the site is that the columns aren't balanced. Should I go out of my way to fiddle with the HTML just for the sake of creating symmetry, or is this unimportant? (I coded most of the site myself, and I don't know of any ways to balance columns with HTML besides lengthening the shorter sidebar with text the same color as the background, but I know that search engines would interpret this as spamming.) >> >>I'd love to hear comments on any aspect of the page--from the text and design to the meta tags and coding. Thanks so much for your help! >> >>Linda

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