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Re: Robots.txt did not work
From Jaime on 24 Oct '00
replying to Re: Robots.txt did not work posted by Tim

>>>Can anyone help me figuring out why my robots.txt file did not work? I submitted it to alltheweb SE and all of my pages had been indexed.
>>You might need to add the name of the spider for AllTheWeb - not sure exactly what it's called, but here are names for some of the other search engines.... Maybe try FAST - under the impression that they are connected with AllTheWeb in some way???!!!
>>AltaVista - Scooter
>>Hotbot/AOL/Goto/MSN/Iwon/Looksmart - Slurp
>>Excite - Architext Spider
>>Google - Googlebot
>>Fast - Fast
>I don't think it should be problem since I use wildcard * for the User-agent. I might be wrong.

I had another thought - sometimes it depends on where you locate your txt file. Have you done any research by searching the web? I found some pretty good sites with lots of info on it.... Let me know how you get on!!!

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