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Re: Netscape(nesting tables and background images)
From Rob on 1 Nov '00
replying to Re: Netscape(nesting tables and background images) posted by Chung Lee

I'm seeing this way later than you posted but you've helped me as well. This is the first time I've come across this in Netscape and I was going nuts with it as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Rob

>>When I nest a table in a cell like this
>><td background=image.gif>
>> <table><tr><td>test</td><tr></td></table>
>>Each cell in the nested table gets the background
>>images that was declared to be in the cell. This
>>only happens in Netscape. I was wondering if anyone
>>knows a work around or a proper way to do this..
>>Thank you,
><td background=image.gif>
> <table background=""><tr><td>test</td><tr></td></table>
>will work fine. :-)
>By the way, you got this problem long time ago, huh? Am I too late?

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