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From Raul XXXXXXXXX on 13 Nov '00
replying to Re: URGENT HELP REQUIRED! posted by Inachu

I would not use a large picture, but I would use a large table. There are different ways to do it, but I would had a white background and then play with the table. If necessary, the entire content of you page can be in a singe cell with the background of your choice.

Another trick that may be helpful is that you can get better control of your background patterns with CSS. Try visiting HTMLgoodies, specifically

Finally, play with the margins in the "body" tag.

Good luck,

>You need a very large picture and use tables to cove the top and bottom to make the border look complete...

>>I need to have a white border going around my entire web page. If I use bg background src I simply get multiple small copies of my background source. What's the script to make my background border resize to fit the entire page
>>Please help
>>Thank you

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