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Re: New site-comments appreciated!
From Craig Boas at French Accents Antique Furniture on 18 Nov '00
replying to New site-comments appreciated! posted by Carl Ballew

>Would like comments from our "panel of experts". Any suggestions appreciated!

Well, I'm not saying I'm an expert, but here goes:


1. On first impression, the site's color scheme and layout are nicely done - Everything is legible, font sizes are large enough to read and contrast nicely with the background. I checked the site out in Netscape Navigator (v. 4.75) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (v. 5.5) and it worked perfectly.

2. Good use of meta tags - I didn't look at every page's code, but the ones I did look at had short, highly-targeted tags that went after *different* words than other pags on the site.

3. I like the way you worked your car into the site. It puzzled me at first, but it drew me in and it's a novel way of saying "I've been in this business for a long time - I know what I'm doing."


1. On your main page, under the words "Don't place your order yet! There's MUCH MORE to see!" The columns don't line up and you forgot to set the font for the Keith Haring Rugs and the Porter Music Boxes to arial (so they are in a different font from the rest of the site). To make the columns line up, you might combine the four items in that section into one table with two rows instead of two separate tables.

2. On your Care and Cleaning list (At the bottom of the dashes don't line up with the items on the list. Maybe an unordered html list (using <ul> and <li>) would better accomplish the effect you're trying for?

More important things:

1. When I tried out your site's shopping cart feature with Netscape Navigator 4.75, on page to order a 3'6" x 5'6" natural gray Legend Rug, I was sent to which immediately bounced me to where I saw a logo for "Accent World" and nothng else. Worse, when I tried to go back to your site using my browser's "back" button, I wasn't able to return because the intermediate page kept shunting me forward to the page with the "Accent World" logo. Now, I knew how to jump back multiple pages at a time to get around that "feature," but I think some people would just give up and hit "home" at that point.

2. When I tried to order a braided rug from I was sent to and then bounced me to page where I received the following message:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0005'

Invalid procedure call or argument: 'Left'

/denver/accent.asp, line 15

Nice site. Fix the shopping cart and you're in business!


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