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Re: Site Evaluation Please
From Raul XXXXXXXXX on 22 Nov '00
replying to Re: Site Evaluation Please posted by Ken

>>>In light of the controversy about Frames, we will probably keep them.

>>Out of curiosity what are you reasons for keeping frames?
>Primarily, a consistant visual navigation convenience for viewers.

I have various criticisms, and I hope I don't sound negative. I hope my comments are constructive.

There are several design elements that I'm not fond of:
* The background image (_themes/expedition-2/exptextb.jpg) looks likes it comes from some Microsoft template.
* Your link color (#0000ff) seems too bright and doesn't work with your overall color palate.
* The flying letters on the "To Contact US" strikes me as gratuitous and a distraction from the page's message.
* The table border=40 in the InWDS page brings me back to web design of 1996.
* I know you've already said that you like frames, but they also bother me because you can't bookmark and navigate with them.
* The image InWD Demo Requirements.htm_txt_WB02244_p.gif doesn't alias well. I wouldn't put spaces in the file name. Why is it an image map?


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