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Re: Site Review Please
From Steve Sluder on 6 Dec '00
replying to Re: Site Review Please posted by David A

I added a paragraph at the top that included the keywords. The page will change each month but I will keep the main paragraph the same.

So I am still not sure if I have spam keywords right now. I added a few new ones and took out any repitition such as:

plastic injection molding, injection, plastic, molding

and made it

injection, plastic, molding

I thought that the comma defined each key word so if my key words are:

a, b, c, a b c, x

then I would have 5 key words.

Should I use comma's at all?

Thanks for your help,


>Your meta tags are fine they are not spam. However, you should have different tags on each page. The title looks ok also. I would include more "keyword rich" text on your main page.
>>You need to rework your meta keywords. They are spam, which is why you can't rank in the search engines. Do not repeat any words more than 2 times. Your meta description is fine. Your title needs some help. Put the company name in the title. This way people will know they are going to a company and not a homepage.
>>The text on your page doesn't tell about what you do. There are NO keywords on your page. You need to add text on your site that tells about your subject. You need to make sure that the words in your text match your meta keywords. If you don't have the words from you meta keywords in your text, they are of NO use to you.
>>I hope this helps you some. Good luck.
>>>We have had this site up about 1 year and average about 800 people a month. i want to take the site to the next level. Any thoughts about what I can do to boost the traffic would be great. I am listed in all of the major search engines, just not very high (have you heard that before?)
>>>Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

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