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Re: Is my site any good?
From The Brute on 24 Dec '00
replying to Is my site any good? posted by Xionz

>Hi all, my first time here, but wth, I have a site, I have submitted to many engines over the past year, and have tried, but my site is not getting any traffic. (the counter you see is not for the last 7 days but since the site was created over a year ago, and me refreshing got a lot of those hits) please, someone, take a look at my site and tell me honestly why no-one ends up there. Brutal honesty appreciated.

HA HA!!!!! Its ME!!! Someone at MCS!!! And now i know your dark secret....that only 80 people have ever been to your site and most are you!!!!
The reason is :
A-most of the stuff's completely untrue
B-You have no keywords. If you look for " theory " or " thought " there are about 1 million other sites. Try " ideas " or " philsopy " or something

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