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Re: Site Review Appreciated (Mission Statements Suck and Why)
From Dale at Hospital Classifieds on 26 Dec '00
replying to Re: Site Review Appreciated (Mission Statements Suck and Why) posted by Jeff Singer

>>>>My first objection is to those links to our competitors :))


I appreciate you taking the time to respond. If you are speaking of the links found at the Resources page, send me your banner and I will put it there... I will even put at the top!

>>I have just re done this web site and would appreciate your comments or suggestions on the appearance, functionality, speed, etc. My focus is on improving SE ranking and what I can do to help that along.
>>We do have a much sought after Site Listing with Yahoo, but would like to improve that when you go directly to We do appear first when a search is done on the key words "hospital jobs", but would like to improve on "nursing jobs" since these are the majority of jobs listed by our recruiters (and did submit it as that, but the editors changed it).
>>I would like to find out if there is a resource here at Deadlock or elsewhere that gives tips on Search Engine ranking for each individual SE. I have also been looking around for information on which SE are the most popular - that would rank them according to popularity.
>>Any advice that you would have for me would be greatly appreciated.
>My first objection is to those links to our competitors :))
>Nice looking site. Loads fast. Your "mission statement" says at
>the end: "What makes Hospital Classifieds unique? We specialize only in
>employment for hospital and healthcare positions."
>First, I hate Mission Statements...a late '90s fad. Every two bit site
>has one. I think some canned business websites come prepackaged with a
>place for one. Pretty silly when you see "Bob's Shoes" and they list
>their Mission! Your site's purpose and any unique features shouldn't
>be buried in something as bland as a mission statement anyway.
>"We specialize only in employment for hospital and healthcare
>positions," should be near the top of every page, especially since
>that phrase is keyword rich.
>Take a look at our site and see how we spell out exactly what we do,
>how long we've been doing it, and why a unform buyer should shop our
>site and not another.
>If we were to state our mission, and be honest, it would be:
>"to achieve 100% market share and bankrupt all our competitors, while
>making ungodly profit margins and working as little as possible.:)"
>That is every for-profit enterprise's mission. To say otherwise is
>dishonest and I suspect a lot of customers know it.
>At least you didn't use the loftier and trendier phrase "Vision
>Statement." I know of one site that lists both! A Mission and a
>Vision...are they trying for Sainthood?
>Mission statements may have a role in nonprofit orgainizations to spell
>out the scope of activity. Donors will want to know what their gifts
>are to be used for.
>SE's generally say little about how they index sites, and change their
>methods often. Nowadays SEs intentionally have long delays in indexing after
>page submission. Even if you could figure out how they work, the info
>would be out of date by the time you got listed. Much of what you read
>even on this board almost falls into the category of "myth."
>Best advice is to build a really good content rich, keyword rich, site
>and "they will come."
>Information about specific SE's can be found at:
>Ackley Uniforms

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