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lol, you dumbass!
From Xionz on 28 Dec '00
replying to Re: Is my site any good? posted by The Brute

>>Hi all, my first time here, but wth, I have a site, I have submitted to many engines over the past year, and have tried, but my site is not getting any traffic. (the counter you see is not for the last 7 days but since the site was created over a year ago, and me refreshing got a lot of those hits) please, someone, take a look at my site and tell me honestly why no-one ends up there. Brutal honesty appreciated.
>HA HA!!!!! Its ME!!! Someone at MCS!!! And now i know your dark secret....that only 80 people have ever been to your site and most are you!!!!
>The reason is :
>A-most of the stuff's completely untrue
>B-You have no keywords. If you look for " theory " or " thought " there are about 1 million other sites. Try " ideas " or " philsopy " or something

You DUMBASS that message was for my OLD COUNTER!
Remember the one I had when my site diddn't have frames.
Lol. Search engines takes WEEKS to register that your site had been submitted, and webmaster will tell you that! I sent that message days after I had submitted, and I diddn't know. I looked that fact up afterwards. Then I got my cool white counter for my site, instead of the crappy virgin net one. P.S. Next time, check the date of the message before you make an idiot of urself. Also I traced the message and I know who u are, man, you really are a fool!

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