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Re: Kindly advise, will using the plus sign (+) between keywords...
From Inachu on 30 Dec '00
replying to Re: Kindly advise, will using the plus sign (+) between keywords... posted by Jeff

I can agree with your reasoning but if people start doing this then
again searches will become more complicated.
Sure they can do it but then soon everyone will have to do it.......

Next people will search for :
getmsg?curmbox=F000000001&a=-1548331576-15484173% and put that junk in the meta tags too?!?!?!

or http%3a%2f%2fwww%2ewin2000mag%2ecom will be put in the met atags as well?

Geesh no way!


>>Using the + is used only when searching. IT is never used in keywords
>>>Kindly advise,willusing the plus sign (+) between keywords in the
>>>meta keyword field e.g.: mobile+phone+germany mean that any of the
>>>terms searched in any order will do to diret the search to the page
>>>using random order but matching keywords (germany mobile phones
>>>company), or will it refer only to the specific search using the exact
>>>keywords in the same order (mobile phone company). ? Appreciate your
>>>prompt reply
>>>Best regards
>>>Adam Hertzano
>Not true any longer. I see the + sign in some meta keyword lists
>lately. I presume they think people will use the plus sign in
>their searches and the site will come up first if the key words
>include the + .
>For example: hot dogs, hamburgers, Pizza, +hamburgers +pizza,
>Maybe someone should try putting quotes around phrases in my meta keyword
>lists: hot dogs, hot, dogs, "hot dogs"

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