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Re: Is our site under attack?
From The CyberEye R at on 8 Jan '01
replying to Re: Is our site under attack? posted by David A

>Its not likely their trying to crash your server. That volume ain't gonna do it. However make sure you can't hack into a database of credit card information. You mentioned it was a shopping cart page. I could see a scenario where a couple of kids go around to various online merchants looking for easy credit card databases to get into. Why you ask...XXX marks the spot and we will leave it at that.
>>Several days ago an interior page on our site began receiving hundreds
>>of hits from IPs in the range of which is registered to
>>Novell Corporation of Utah. The level of visits is dropping off; today
>>that page got about 50 visits from various Novell IPs. Only one
>>of our pages is involved and it is quite ordinary, much like some of
>>our other 40 pages on our shopping cart site:
>>We had such a thing happen before. Once we received more than a thousand
>>hits from a single overseas IP. But that lasted just a few hours.
>>The main problem is that these hit barrages really distort our stats.
>>I suppose 1000 hits could slow down shopping by real customers.
>>I don't have access to our server files but I presume each visit is
>>very brief. My only source of info is Extreme Tracker that we have on
>>each of our pages
>>So what's going on? Is it just a loop in some Novell machine? Or could
>>it be something more sinister? Surely no properly functioning spider
>>would visit one page a thousand times over a week.

Boys and girls, look here and see if you can find any relief:

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