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Re: Stopping SPAM
From Jim on 17 March '99
replying to Stopping SPAM posted by wes

You might have some success by contacting AOL and Mindspring since
they're big ISPs and do stake notice of this sort of thing. However,
in most cases writing to ISPs and email abuse Web sites is a waste
of time and effort. The key to dealing with spam is to minimise the
amount of your own time it takes up.

The two most effective ways of dealing with spam are:

a) Delete the messages when they arrive.

b) Filter the mail before it reaches you. Ask your hosting service
about Procmail, I use it to filter 99% of the spam that gets sent
to me (about 300K of crap a day). Knowing where the message is coming
from makes it even easier, you can automatically send them a rude
message back without ever seeing the spam itself. Quote their message
too (perhaps even repeat it 10 times), they'll soon get the hint ;-)

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