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Re: Does anyone have this problem (page oddity)?
From Inachu on 3 Feb '01
replying to Does anyone have this problem (page oddity)? posted by James

Hi there!

looks funny using Netscape 4.76.
The right farthest imageframe is offset lower than it should be.

Also it would be nice to have a picture of the assorted computers
hooked up and running with neon lights and all with quake on the monitor.

Then put at the bottom of each page that says.

All other images copyright by their respective owners.


>Hi I have a weird problem where when I visit my site there appears a thin white line just beneath the heading - inbetween the top slice of the image and the next slice. It's a horizontal white line that cuts across the top neon pic on the left. Now this only appears on the first page that you visit on the site. And when you scroll down the page and back up again it disappears. If you refresh the page it disappears to - it only reappears if you delete IE history and visit it. And while some people see it, others don't. This is driving me nuts!!!
>Has anyone had this problem before or know how to fix it? Please help - I'm desperate for an answer and have already tried 5 different image maps!!

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