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Re: Does anyone have this problem (page oddity)?
From Inachu at Copyright information here on 4 Feb '01
replying to Re: Does anyone have this problem (page oddity)? posted by Sam

As for working in D.C and dealing with friends who work for

I read on this very topic time to time and its not surprising but
if you want a notice to clear and understandable to the layperson it has to be
in the format which is not just industry standard but is a standard set forth by
the Govt. For more information don't take my word read:

Registration allows the owner of the copyright to record the registration with
the U. S. Customs Service for protection against the importation of infringing copies.
For additional information, request Publication No. 563 "How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Right," from:
U.S. Customs Service, P.O. Box 7404,
Washington, D.C. 20044.
See the U.S. Customs Service Website at
for online publications.

>>Your site looks ok using Netscape 4.76 (NO LINES)
>>But you do not have a valid copyright notice.
>>A legal valid copy right notice looks like this:
>>2001 Jackson Corporation. All rights reserved. (OR)
>>Copyright 2001 Jackson Corporation. All rights reserved.
>>You just can't say, "Hi guys this site is copyright by me 2001!"
>>The "All pages within PC Case Gear 2001" Is not legally binding.
>A notice (whatever wording you use) does not constitute the legality
>or validity of the copyright. In fact, the copyright is "legally
>binding" whether you have a notice or not. A copyright notice is no
>more than a reminder to the reader that it's illegal for them to copy
>the content.
>In other words, James' wording is just as valid as your version. So there :)

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