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Re: Does this site work OK for you?
From Deb on 18 March '01
replying to Does this site work OK for you? posted by Nigel Campbell

>I just redesigned my personal website and I wondered whether anyone could check it out and let me know if it works ok and what you think
This being your personal website, where's the commercial one? Is
it still 'the brain'? Wondering cause I didn't see a link to it anywhere
on this one. Or the mention of the fact that you do WEB design/graphics.
I'd think you'd want folks to know that about you as it's part and
parcel of who you are.

As for the latest, I'll give you my initial impression <ducking while
I preferred the early rendition mostly because it's less
dreary, more full of hope in appearance. But even more importantly,
I have a real hangup about people putting photo's of themselves on the
homepages of their WEB sites. It's purely a personal idioscyncrasy
and one I may not share with a majority of surfers, but to me it smacks
of 'HEY <waving arms madly> LOOK AT ME' which if your writing/photography
is what you want people to focus on, seems at cross purposes.

The earlier site left you wondering about you, is that where you live?
Did you take that photo? Where is that beautiful place..etc.etc. This
iteration leaves one suspecting 'this guy thinks quite highly of himself
doesn't he'..." Anyway, just my random thought processes, and you did

As for the content and the pix's etc. As always, the writing is sincere
thoughtful, full of insight. The photo's are thought provoking and cool
at the same time! Speaking of thought provoking, perhaps that's the image/
message about yourself that you wanted to provide on your homepage, and
it works in that vein, but again, I'm more into 'look at my work' as opposed
to 'look at me'. Besides, as they say...leave em wondering, it's far more

My .02 (which these days is worth less, cause I'm so busy I haven't the
time to breath much less surf the WEB/read the message board!)


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