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From ANDY BLACK at Welcome to andythebeaver's homepage! on 17 August '00
Thank you everyone who has helped me with the question I was asking re how to disallow users accessing your directories on a web server that does not support such a feature. I have a few more requests if anyone can help (I will credit you all on my site when it's up and running if it's OK)
Does nayone know the script for opening every page of your site in full screen mode, this is not to be confused with a normal screen without toolbars etc, it'a actually full screen with no directories, address, status bar- nothing but a full screen, even the task bar is covered up and you have to presss alt and f3 I think to close it. Anyway I need the window to open without the need to click on a link to open the big screen- so it automatically loads any ideas...
Also does any one have the script so that if you typed an address on a server that didn't exisit you would get the boring windows file not found page but you own custom one for your site, I've seen sites use this and they usually call it filenotfound.html but what's the script to direct anything other than what exisits to that page?
If any one can help on ANY of these please let me know
Also does anyone know how I can create a web-site e-mail so that people e-mail a subject and when they click send, instead of their e-mail programme opening up the mail is sent direct from my site to the recipient (the main reason is that I don't want people to leave my site when they click send which is what happens as their mail programme opens) I know the script I'm looking for is JS and not CGI, which I can't be doing with Thanks

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