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Re: dot com forwarding
From David A on 10 April '01
replying to Re: dot com forwarding posted by Jim Perry

Jim's correct however there are 2 problems with this.
1. Search engines do not like client side redirects (javascript, SSI, frames and especially the meta refresh tag) and you can get punished for this.
2. URL forwarding is cheaper on a monthly basis because your not using any of the web hosts resources. If you put up any kind of page to do the redirection you will be charged hosting prices because now you are using bandwidth, disk space, backups, processor time, etc.

>I thought there were two ways to accomplish this. First is the way described in the previous response. I believe this is called a "redirected URL".
>One problem with a redirected URL is that search engines will not list the "original" domain name. That may not be a problem unless you decide to move to a new hosting service someday. At that point, all the search engine links to the "redirrected URL" will be broken.
>The other way is to use the META tags (in the HEAD section). It looks like this:
> META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0" URL=""
>The zero under CONTENT is a time. What this command does is to wait zero seconds (or whatever time you specify) and then load the document specified in the URL.
>Jim Perry

>>>Hi! I am here again seeking help! I need to know how to forward a dotcom. I want people to type in but I want it to forward immediatly to
>>>Does anyone know how to do this? I use net objects fusion 4.0. Please help me if you can.
>>First you have to own both names (obviously).
>>Second contact your webhosting company. Most will do domain forwarding for an extra $2-10 per month.

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