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Re: Site review please
From David A on 19 April '01
replying to Site review please posted by Greg B

>Hello all - It's been a while since I've posted here. Many of the veteran gurus here may remember me as the founder of (Hi there David A and Inachu - glad to see you guys are still here!). I still administer, but I'm now also involved with
>'s goal is to rate Internet-based buying information in objective, easy to navigate buying guides to help shoppers make confident, well informed buying decisions. We introduce the concept of a shopping information portal with most of the buying resources that references rated for their usefulness to the consumer.
> has been on-line since 1998, but we've recently relaunched the site and I'm looking for any helpful feedback or comments:
>We've tried to design a very clean and easy-to-navigate site. Please let me know if we've succeeded. Also, is a site such as this useful? What other sub-sites would you like to see? All suggestions will be considered and are appreciated. Thanks all. Glad to be back!
>Greg B, Webmaster
>"We Help People Shop"

Hi Greg, welcome back. The site looks good, although I have a couple of concerns. First it looks like the site has a very large growth potential I could see the site start including electronics, travel, education, etc. It does not appear as the site in it's current format is easily upgradeable (the tabs for the sections). Second although the site is usefull is it more usefull than a site dedicated to an individual topic? For example the car section, I recently purchased a new car and did a good chunk of research online so I became very familiar with sites like Edmunds, Carpoint, Kelleys Blue Book, etc. I didn't see anything unique in your car section which would attract me more to your site over the others. Third, admittedly this is only an opinion after a very brief perusal, but I'm confused on whether the site is supposed to be a search/portal site or a site like Consumer Reports which does independent testing. When I first went there I thought it was the second one but after digging through some of the areas I kept hitting pages full of links to outside resources.

You may have considered these already but I thought I would point them out in case you had not. I didn't mean to come across too critical. But I did want to point out some areas I didn't think anyone else would comment on. : )

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