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Re: Site review please
From Inachu on 19 April '01
replying to Site review please posted by Greg B


Nice to see you back!

The site looks awsome and since it was around since 1998 seems to be
one of the better portals that can have that STAYING POWER among the other sites
I have seen. Just remember that a site liek this will grow tremendously with
the amount of items to purchase on the web. So to have the links up and active just for
6 months or a years is a fruitless ambition like I have seen other sites do.
So instead of deleteting it and if you can afford the space keep the links active or have the old links redirected to
an archive area just in case you need an exclusive update or something.

Yes the site looks fresh and inviting.

Personally I would let another html program take the htmls and strip anything that says microsoft in the code.
Also it might be easy for you to have the base href to edit locally it would be wise to
strip it from all your html files.

Oh and the top MLS database colector is at
I suggest you add their link too as you can search all over the world with
their T-III software. This database is new in that it is no longer jsut text but
graphical as well so when you read the data you may look at the images of the homes as well.


>Hello all - It's been a while since I've posted here. Many of the veteran gurus here may remember me as the founder of (Hi there David A and Inachu - glad to see you guys are still here!). I still administer, but I'm now also involved with
>'s goal is to rate Internet-based buying information in objective, easy to navigate buying guides to help shoppers make confident, well informed buying decisions. We introduce the concept of a shopping information portal with most of the buying resources that references rated for their usefulness to the consumer.
> has been on-line since 1998, but we've recently relaunched the site and I'm looking for any helpful feedback or comments:
>We've tried to design a very clean and easy-to-navigate site. Please let me know if we've succeeded. Also, is a site such as this useful? What other sub-sites would you like to see? All suggestions will be considered and are appreciated. Thanks all. Glad to be back!
>Greg B, Webmaster
>"We Help People Shop"

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