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Selling a $36,000 Website
From Ryan Nguyen at Internet Marketing Intelligence on 23 April '01
hello Deadlock Board Moderators.. I'm not sure if my message below is appropriate.. it's not ad.. it's a proposal that I want to sell my site. I'm sincerely sorry if anyone feels offended and please delete the message if you see fit.

Dear Deadlock Forum friends,

This is Ryan Nguyen from I have decided to sell my entire site and ALL the exclusive rights of & E-Business Course 2001 & Milk the Web e-book. I'm sad to sell the site; however, I'm even more thrilled to have more time and concentrate on my OFFLINE computer business I'm generating $18,000 US every month doing OFFLINE mail-order business.

Since everyone in this Forum is an experienced marketer.. I wonder if you're interested in buying our site, or please tell your friend if he/she's interested.


- -

Website Information:

1. History
- Website created on: February 7, 2001
- E-Business Course 2001 contains the best-filtered
knowledge of my lifetime marketing experiences, plus
6 more months in research for the latest e-Commerce

2. Website Statistics:
March 2001: 300 hits/day
10,018 hits/month

April 2001: 865 hits/day
25,964 hits/month

3. Net Income
- Since Feb. 2001, we've sold 82 Milk the Web copies
in less than 2 months.

* SOLD ONLINE: $3,700 gross profits, $2,400 NET

* SOLF OFFLINE: $6,700 gross profits, $3,800 NET

- GROSS PROFITS: $10,400
- NET INCOME: $6,200

5. Aweber Mailing Lists
blinkquest: 325 subscribers
ryannguyen: 58 customers

* Sales Conversion Rate: 58/325 = 15%

If you're interested in buying our site, please let me
know so I can give you the username and password to
access our "ClickBank Money Account", "Website
Traffic Statistics", and "Aweber E-mail Database".

When you buy our site, and all of its
features will belong to you:

2. Aweber subscriber e-mail database
3. Aweber customer e-mail database
4. E-Business Course 2001 (includes Milk the Web
5. Milk the Web photos Internet Marketing seminars
6. Milk the Web Direct Marketing Reviews
7. Milk the Web customer testimonials
======================== & have approached to
us and intended to purchase our website. We have been
receiving offers to sell our for
sometime now due to its overwhelming popularity,
extremely high sales conversion rate (15%), and
hot-selling E-Business Course 2001.

We've sold E-Business Course 2001 since February 2001,
and we're still amazed by the sales conversion
rate (15%). As a result, we net $6,200 of pure
profits in less than 2 months.

Unfortunately, we don't have the time to promote It's all because we have another
fast-growing computer store that
we need to sell thousands more computers OFFLINE
around U.S.A. generates over $6,000 every 2 months,
and we project that it WILL GENERATE at least $36,000
a year of PURE PROFITS. We would be interested in
selling the content, domain name, E-Business Course
2001, Milk the Web, mailing lists and everything includes for no less than $17,500.

However, we may be able to work out a better deal.
Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Ryan Nguyen
E-mail: (e-mail is best)
Phone: Please e-mail me your phone number, and I'll call within 24 hours.
Founder of the Internet Marketing Intelligence (IMI)

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