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Re: site indexing...why theirs and not mine?
From Inachu on 26 April '01
replying to site indexing...why theirs and not mine? posted by Kathleen

The biggest error is your meta tags.

<META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="Microsoft Word 97"> never use microsoft descriptives in your meta tags.
<META NAME="Template" CONTENT="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\HTML.DOT"> very bad

Your Keyword for the word garden pops up in all its glory 7 times.
Lower this to 3.

Your Description is fine.

take out
<META NAME="Version" CONTENT="8.0.3410">
<META NAME="Date" CONTENT="10/11/96">

The bots might see this as very old information.


>Hello! I have had my gardening-related web site ( up since August and I still can't seem to get indexed - at least not on the search engines. My site is all information based - no products being sold - and I average about 25 visits per day. I am listed in Open Directory, Looksmart, Netscape, and I believe a few others (attempting to get into Yahoo). However, in the search engines, I am listed very poorly and I don't quite understand why. I have submitted my site - manually - to nearly all the engines - for the last few months. I believe I have all my content and Meta tags the way they should be in order to be listed high (although I think I may need to shorten my description tag). When I do a search on one of my keywords, flower gardening, I can't even find my site. I took a look at the Meta tags for the sites that ranked high for this keyword and I could not find rhyme-nor-reason why they would be listed higher than my site. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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