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Re: Game, forum, reviews, faqs, overkill?
From Dale on 1 May '01
replying to Re: Game, forum, reviews, faqs, overkill? posted by Tony

>>>I think I may have added just too much to my site. Do you think it's a bit of an overload?
>>No not really, the only changes I would suggest, the mouseovers at the top, instead of blurring them, make them turn yellow, and maybe move over that bottom box below the poll to the other side to balance out the page better, or better yet Dump the poll. :) Good Job.
>Oh no! Not the poll! Surely you jest :)
>Soooo, are you saying:
>1. You don't like polls, period;
>2. You don't like the question;
>3. You think I should preset it with 648 votes so my site doesn't look barren;
>Or should I maybe move it to the "board?" page?
>Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be rearranging some 'boxes' tonight.
>One question I have is; do you know of any good resource site where I can figure out how to do those funky little javaScript/layers drop-down menus? Either that or the way they do it at

Or title it 'This weeks poll' I think those menus are done with Dhtml, a search for Dhtml pull down scripts, should find you some.Could also have a peek at thier coding :)

No polls are OK, I just put one on my main page a few days ago, its a Napster Poll. Pay or Free type.
I'm still trying to figure out the scrolling done on this site in the city here, its not done in Flash and somehow he's hidden the coding for it. then pick portfolio, never seen one like it before.

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