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Re: My site
From Barry on 7 May '01
replying to My site posted by TwistedAndrew

>My site has been out for quiet a while now, and my traffic kinda sucks. Its been going up lately, most of my visits come from search engines, mainly yahoo, I dont know how I got on there, I never signed up. I also have been listed on others, dont know which ones I just signed up. I dont know if its just no one knows about my site, or if my site sucks, someone go there and tell me what I might want to change.

The colors are great together. I am fond of black backgrounds too, you can see stuff better. Just from visual impact, though, it's not on-theme--what is "Twisted" about it? The faces in the title graphic are kind of open-mouthed in wonder, but why not twisted, evil grins, or something? Where is the text with twisted keywords, telling me what kind of twisted humor, music, etc.? Now we're getting into promotion-search engine stuff, and I am no expert, I just read deadlock--what's in the title bar? Twisted Site Home--who would input that to find the stuff that's on your site? It should be full of those "twisted" keywords and announce Twisted Music, Humor, etc. in order of importance to the page...maybe we should all go back and read Deadlock.

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