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Re: Please critique my REDESIGNED site
From IonZone on 7 May '01
replying to Please critique my REDESIGNED site posted by daniel_bazac

>I redesigned my site, so please be kind and take a look.
>Thank you in advance.
>Daniel Bazac
>Web Site Builder

I have said this before and it stirred up a hornets nest but I must not have learned my lesson because I'm answering again. Before I start let me say I'm not trying to be rude but it will probably seem that way.

I'll phrase it different than before so as to lessen the blow. If you are starting a business don't get on a board and ask if your doing the business correctly.

For example if you want to start a business selling "widgets" don't ask people "Hey does it look like I know about widgets?".

Another example if your starting a search engine optimization company don't start asking people how to get your site listed in the SEs. You should already know that. If you have a web design business don't ask if your website looks good. You should already know.

My opinion on the site. For any other business I would say your site is average. For a web design business it's lacking. When someone comes to your site they will use your site as a measure of your skills, creativity and as an example of the kind of site you will do for them. Here is a hint and btw class this is something that will be taught in web design classes in the future. Lose the upsidedown "L". 1 of the absolutley best ways to make sure your site is boring and nondescript is to use the "L bar".

Ok I'm done and sorry if I ruffled feathers and wadded panties.

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