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Re: Any Suggestions?
From Marge on 25 March '99
replying to Any Suggestions? posted by Kyle Roadman

>I noticed today that my Altavista listing has been updated, and the results were none too encouraging. It seems our site is lagging far behind, which seems something of a surprise for me. The sites that are ahead of us are certainly not that great, and I can't find any real common denominator within the way they have laid out their keywords and body texts.

first of all, the page looks really good, I couldn't find any "broken rules"

but.... according to the newest update of webposition gold:

"You listed a Keyword 4 times in a row. AltaVista is known to penalize for this. Separate keywords with other words to avoid penalties.

now, that was a report on a dummy page I just ran thru the software, and I think you have used the word 'retire' and 'retirement' too many times, repetitively, at the start of your keywords.

perhaps starting with something like retirement community, assisted living, oregon, elderly, retirement xxxx, sheltered care, assisted living, retirement xxxxx,

in other words, separating the repetitions out a bit might help.

other than that, I can't come up with anything to knock. OH, shorten the title up a tad, maybe. it seemed a bit long, but I didn't count the words.

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