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Re: Promoting an pre-made site??
From Chris Mork on 17 May '01
replying to Re: Promoting an pre-made site?? posted by Robin Brown

>>Please note, I am seeking advice BEFORE I set up a page.. hence no url.
>>I am thinking about purchasing an "e-commerce" site that allows 100
>>products to be sold.. it has secure merchant accounts and shopping
>>cart software as part of the package. Here's my problem..
>>It is made of pre-made templates (no frames :-)) BUT, I only have
>>limited control over titles/meta-tags/content on 3 pages (the "home"
>>page, the "directory" page, and the "promotions" page. ALL the other
>>pages are boiler-plate, with product pictures, prices, etc., set by
>>the company. I think this may limit search engines, spiders, etc. from
>>thoroughly listing/promoting my site. Does anyone think this "package"
>>e-commerce site is worth using? What's the use of selling online if
>>I can't promote it properly!
>>Here is a url of a "sample" site the company provides..
>What did you decide to do? I am considering the same company
>>This is one of the pages I have a limited control over (title/meta).
>>Is this worth investing $1000 US in or should I get my own domain
>>and host (MUCH more expensive!)
>>Chris Mork
>>Owner, CCG Sales

Followup III:

RIPOFF ALERT!!! Robin, I did some detailed digging @ SMC. Though
their products and program are great... get this... the TOTAL cost
to set up one of their "ecommerce sites" (I use the term loosely)
Is over ***$1800 dollars!!!*** They have changed their site hosting
from to their 'emerchant' program. They make you call
and talk to their sales people (hard sell, heavy handed salesmen)
They must be afraid or ashamed to list the REAL FULL cost! Get this..

$995 - 1 time fee to create your website (woohoo, not)
$395 - Gateway/virtual terminal/Merchant account set up
$120 - yearly merchant acct fees ($10 a month x 12)
$350 - yearly hosting fee ($29 a month x 12)

$1860 - total friggin' dollars for the $^&%*&^%& privilage
of getting an SMC "eMerchant" site!!! ***NOT***

Needless to say, I jumped the gun in my earlier reply..
While SMC is a great company... their ecommerce site
is nothing but a RIPOFF!! It is functional, pretty neat
to work with, but WAYYYYY OVERPRICED!!! I am definitely
going with! I can get more hits per month for
less money, the merchant account is less per month, the
setup fee is WAYYYY less, etc. The ONLY thing SMC has going
is the 'real time' product updates (it alerts the buyer
when a product is out of stock.)

Final reply on this, email me direct if you need more details.

Chris Mork
owner, CCG Sales

PS, If you need any help finding/building an ecommerce site,
let me know... I can steer you in the right direction. :-)

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