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Re: Resoultion problem
From David A on 23 May '01
replying to Re: Resoultion problem posted by Dale

>>>Hi.. I am currently having problem with the resolution.. My goal in this site is not to have a horzontal scrolling bar.. Well i designed my site with a 800x600 resolution. When i view the page under a 1024x 785 resolution. along the end it cuts off? I am currently using frontpage. Is there anyway to fix this??? I am unfimlar with html so be patchent with me.. Thx >> >> >>Ill have to look at my script, first glance at your site I have 2 comments, at the top dump that best viewed at 800x600 takes out the professionalism <---typo and the pop-up's have to go, I read that site's loose 1/3 of people returning because of them...I'd be in that 1/3.(My ends were cut off also, I'm set at 800x600) > >Yeah was thinking mine was around 400, here's some tips. > >HTML does not depend on screen size. The text will be wrapped by the browser when the end of the screen is encountered. The only exception to this is when you use
-formatted text, which will only wrap at the line breaks you indicate. So make sure these lines are no longer than 70 characters, otherwise text mode users will see ugly line breaks on their terminals. And users of graphical browsers might have to scroll horizontally to see the rest, which is one of the most hated things to do when you read a document. 
>Of course, an image cannot be wrapped, so you have to be careful with that. It seems that 400 or 500 pixels is a reasonable width; anything above 600 will mean a certain percentage of users will have to scroll to see the rightmost bit. This percentage increases with your image width. Keep in mind that not everyone runs his browser at full screen! 

In your first table you have the first 2 TDs set at 107 and 893.
Actually all your table dimensions and image dimensions are hosed.

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