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Browser Compatability
From Colin at Salvation on 25 March '99
Jim's advice on SE submission was excellent.
I printed & read the pages thoroughly!
TWO Questions:

1)HTML validation results reliable?:

I'm just about to submit the site to the SE's when XOOM the site host go and stick a compulsory FRAME "XoomBar" onto every page.
So spiders see this first, and supposedly go to the intended page.
However, running HTML/ Browser checks on the site prior to submission, I notised that the spiders 'mix' results.
ie, my page results are mingled with the Xoom frame page.

For example... the index.htm page gave perfect HTML validation results using but running the same page through resulted in 83 Errors in HTML?!
I think thse "errors' were due to the Xoom insertion)

The page looks fine in Win95/Net3.0 (on which I wrote it using Arachnophilia)

2: The above page looks OK on my Netscape 3.0 computer. (I'm unable to load ie 4.0 as the LAN won't allow.

When I viewed my page via IE4 at a cybercafe, I was stunned to see it
look "shrunken", and some fonts difficult to read.
The Font Size-2 fonts were too condensed to read comforatbly.

This is DESPITE the above Browser Compatability results being "PERFECT!"

Is there a simple way to ensure the page looks fine on both major browsers without running between the LAN and the Cyber cafe?!
(ie. stick to Arial, Helvetica. Insert this <!--Comment> etc.)
Thanx in advance for your advice.


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