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Re: another website review, please
From Samira on 10 June '01
replying to Re: another website review, please posted by Dale

>>hi everyone - i work for a non-profit organisation and started playing with Frontpage (yes, sorry to admit to that!)... I would appreciate criticism on this site - it's been up and running for a few years now - and we have paid to get extra security for database work etc... but i know i need help in the design... thanks for your time!
>Just a couple of things to mention, I would get rid of the circle fade script between pages, and also use Capitals on your Buttons,ex.
>Home Links etc. One other change would be to get rid of the Box around your buttons when clicked on, here's an example,
>SRC="button.gif" height=9 width=9 border="0"></a><b> Just add in the border="0" command, other then those suggestions it looks Good!

Thanks, Dale - i forgot i had that circle fade! (was playing around..). Will change buttons to caps next time i redesign - and i checked re the 'box' - unfortunately, that's the actual size of the pic because of the drop shadow. thanks a lot! Cheers, Samira

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