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Re: What's wrong with my site?
From Jess on 12 June '01
replying to Re: What's wrong with my site? posted by Hope

Thanks for your help. Do I have to write that amount of text on every page including my opening title page?

>You asked what is wrong with your site, the problem is very simple. You have nothing for spiders. Spiders need text. Spiders need a LOT of text. You need a minimum of 120 words of text. Spiders prefer about 200-300 words per page. Since you are selling items that require pictures, text doesn't seem important.
>You should have nice long descriptions on each page. This will give the spiders something to take back with them. Right now the spiders don't feel you have enough content to be placed at the top of search terms.
>Meta tags are tags that spiders read. You have them on your first page only.
><title>The Italian Furniture Store - the home of stylish, high quality furniture</title>
><meta NAME="description" CONTENT="Fine Italian furniture for the home, office or workplace.">
><meta NAME="keywords" CONTENT="italian furniture, furniture, italy, chairs, tables, sideboards, sofas, display cabinets, chandaliers, stylish, handcrafted furniture, cabinets, coffee tables">
>You have others on your first page and the rest of your pages. The other tags do nothing for you. They are not worth keeping. You need to add one more to help the spiders.
><meta name="robots" content="index, follow">
>This tag will tell the spiders to add the page to the search engine then follow the links. This is an invitation for the spiders to look at your entire site.
>Please remember that it takes up to 8 weeks to be spidered. Then you need to wait until the search engine update their index. That is when you will see if your pages have made it in and where they are.
>I hope this information helps you.
>>I've submitted my sites to quite a few search engines but to no avail. Why? What exactly are meta tags? Do I have them? if not how do I get them?

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