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Re: Am I ugly?
From mary b on 18 June '01
replying to Re: Am I ugly? posted by John

>>I mean the site. Is anyone willing to give an opinion about the overall look and appeal of the site. We're trying to sell something. I would like any comments you have. Thanks.
>Hi Bob it is a clean fast loading site, but a little plain possibly. I know That is easier said than remedied. You really have to grab them with that first page. Some suggestions for what they're worth.
>A few more small graphics on the front page possibly of people opening gifts with a very surpised and happy look on there faces (emotional advertising).
>Instead of the product block have maybe two or three of your best products ready for purchase "most popular" "best sellers" people will feel there is less risk if they are buying something others are buying.
>I know you have probably done this already but study, successful competitors sites thoroughly. Ask yourself why they set it up that wasn't by chance I bet. They have been refining there presentation for awhile and have very good reasons for why they do it the way they do.
>The product shots looked good. When I went to the categories section it didn't seem to display properly in my was shifted left so that the words were in the border.
>If you are going to be ready for christmas give it more of a festive look.
>I'm not an english major..but some of the descriptions didn't seem to flow very well.
>I know how it is designing a site, I started two weeks ago and have been through three re-designs and a lot of wasted time. But every time I come back to my site with fresh eyes I spot something else wrong. I also print out all the text and let my wife read it. She spots things I had missed.
>Best of luck to you I know that both of us are striving for the same thing...the best site possible.

i think its dispicable and appauling. it really gets my goat

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