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New website a few answers needed please.
From Wayne at Goodbizops website on 22 June '01
Hi, I am new(ish) to the web and bought a clone site about 7 months ago (which allows me to alter most of the site to my own requirements). I am designing the site so hopefully, people will not get ripped off by dodgy business opportunity offers, oh, and of course to give me an income too.

Please can anyone help with the following:
1. Is there a low priced online card acceptance I can use (in 's), ideally with no set up fees.

2. Should I charge for a membership to certain parts of the site (30 p.a.) (I will be giving away various manuals I have written, which cost more than 30 with the membership)or should I offer free access and charge advertisers for their bus' opportunites adverts.

3. When I view my site with aol or i.e 5.5, I get the blue colour bleeding over into my text, the designers say they can't see it and it may be aol's fault, so I would apprieciate an aol user having a look at my site to see if they get the same result.

Sorry about the length of this notice, I have learned a lot over the last few months but can't seem to find out these last few answers.

4. How do I convert word documents so they can be sent over the web as an E-manual, I know acrobat is good but it is too expensive as I am just starting up.

I hope this will help other people with their sites as I am sure they are common queries and I do apologise if these questions have been answered before, but I only found this site today and didn't find any answers in the archives.

Thanks for any help you may supply.

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