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Re: Promoting A site .Please help.
From Hope on 16 July '01
replying to Re: Promoting A site .Please help. posted by Dale

You got listed, but did you get decent rankings? It isn't that hard to get your site listed into search engines even with frames. That hard part for any site is rankings. It is even harder for framed sites.

The problem with framed sites is that a bot/spider/crawler goes to the index page and reads the content. The index page of a framed site tells what page should be displayed in each frame. It had NO content usually. This is why you get poor rankings with a framed site.

Everyone needs to remember that Yahoo! is NOT a search engine. It is a directory. Directories use people, not bots/spiders/crawlers. If the site looks good, has good content and no errors, then the human editor will usually accept the site. Human editors do not care if the site is framed or not.

>>Listen to Hope on this one. DROP THR FRAMES, LOSE THE COUNTER, USE TEXT on your pages and be patient. Your site is commercial. This means you will have to pay Yahoo $199.00 to be listed. Most engines will take 6-8 weeks to list you once you've submitted. Do not submit multiple times. Just wait for them. It takes time. You have much to learn young Skywalker...
>I also use frames and submitted manually and most engines I was listed within 3 Days...Even on Yahoo

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