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I'll give it a go :)
From Andrew on 23 July '01
replying to Please critique my site posted by Dan

not in and paticular order;

on your index page, the meta keywords repeat the word "form" 10 times. even though they're part of a phrase I believe some will say it's considered spam.

the robots and revisit tag are irrelevant

your copyright is NOT current on your main pages (looks ok once you get to the shopping cart)....... that says you never update your site.

on pages where i can click on the picture of a form, I would expect it to link to a MUCH LARGER picture.

re the banner ads at the bottom of many pages....... you work HARD to get people TO your site, why give them an easy way to leave (unless you're making so much this is your main income)?

The top table on all your pages doesnt seem to match the look of the rest of the page in terms of it's layout (just me opinion).

you may be able to get more relavance from the links in your top navagational table by using (h4)(small) rather than font=-1 (maybe, I think).

your alt tag for the free shipping graphic is too long and contains to many non-relevant words, and should NOT be capitolized

"Aardvark Forms is a division of New Ventures", you risk the posibility of the directories (i.e. Yahoo, ODP etc) listing you as New Ventures and NOT Aardvark (I assume you made up the aardvark name to get alphbetically first-EXCELENT move :).... finally found where "new ventures" actually links to that site.... good for new ventures SE listings, but there are ways to hide the link from most surfers.

third table on the home page, the pictures are links, but there NO text link..... people will click a text link over a picture link 4 to 1...... and your pictures are border="0", so its not even obvious they're links

dont know what program you used to write it,but it leaves behind a common WYSIWYG problem in the HTML. There's a lot of text formating open and close tage with NO text inbetween. ie (i)(/i) (open italics, close italics, with NO text inbetween)

there's a start for you :)

BEFORE YOU CONSIDER MAKING ANY MAJOR CHANGES, doing well in half the SE's with one site is GREAT, trying to bring up the others could cause what you currently have to drop. You may want to find individual pages that do poor in ALL the SE's and work on those first.

>I would appreciate it if some of you would look this site over and let me know your opinions.
>We do pretty well in about half the major search engines but we are buried in the masses on the others.
>Any constructive criticism or comments?

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