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Re: Making a left hand border out of a jpg or gif file
From Nancy at home on 29 March '99
replying to Re: Making a left hand border out of a jpg or gif file posted by marge

>>I got it. I made a border out of the jpg and it is the background.
>>Thanks anyway.
>okay, I'm missing something here. HOW do you turn a jpg that normally would tile the full page into a border, please?
>(feeling really in DUH mode here...I suspect this is an easy one, but I'm drawing a blank.)

I basically took a picture file (jpg or gif) and made a bigger gif file (with MGI Photo Suite software) about the size of a big banner the width of the screen (800 x 200), white because the page is white, and placed the photo part on the left of the banner. Then used this as the background gif. Just include it in the html like so;
<body background="mandeeback.jpg" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"

When the page comes up all you see is the repeating pattern down the left side of the page. Then you just build the rest of the page over this. It's easier than doing tables.
I got the idea of someone else's page;-)

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