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Re: rollover problems & included pages
From Jim on 30 August '01
replying to rollover problems & included pages posted by Janna

>When I "include" the html page with the rollovers into another
>page, the rollovers stop working.

I know how to fix this with normal Apache SSI but I'm not sure
it'll work with Microsoft, but give it a try:

Look for a file called .htaccess either in your home web
directory (normally public_html or similar) or perhaps in a
subdirectory. This is a text file and it should have a line that
looks something like this:

AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .htm .shtml

Add the extension of your page that contains the rollovers. For
example, if your page is called rollovers.html, add .html to the
line like this:

AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .htm .shtml .html

Also, make sure the extension of the page you're importing *TO*
is on the list. Then upload .htaccess and see if it fixes the

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