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Re: Edit website
From Dale on 5 Sept '01
replying to Edit website posted by Toni frustrated in Texas

>Hello my wonderful experts out there. You have helped me before
>and I need help again. My wonderful husband has his website done
>by someone just starting off - her first site. Anyway she has
>Host Centric and the site is two years old and very outdated.
>His site is I say his site because I am
>building my own site for sandcarving and with your help I have
>the confidence to do it. I read this message board everyday and
>you all have helped. As usual I digress. I have FrontPage 2000
>and no way can I change his site. Can someone, in your spare
>time please, look at this site and tell me what I have to do. I
>suggested to my husband we just use my FP and start all over and
>cancel our current web host. I am sorry to be a bother but if
>anyone can help I would appreciate it. I have the Tech Support
>in front of me but even the gal who did the website can't make
>heads or tails out of it. THANK YOU THANK YOU

What are you trying to change on 'His' webpage?

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