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Re: Use of generic names
From Joao Parente on 16 Sept '01
replying to Use of generic names posted by David Kear

I would like to send a message to David Kear...But just don't
know how to do it.

My email address is
David...if you happen to read this can you email me, please?


>My Website is currently on the free space provided by my ISP, Compuserve. It has a long URL with no keywords and no proper company name:
>Earlier this year I bought my main company domain name "" and 15 or so generic domain names from "", "", "", "", "", etc., all based on my keywords). One reason I bought them was that somebody told me that many surfers type "what-they-want".com or straight into their browser, which would of course take them to a Web site if it has this name. My names "point" to my Web site on Compuserve (a free service from Easyspace), but an Easyspace banner also appears (I think they call this "cloaked Web redirection with banner").
>My question is: What is the best way to use these names to increase traffic to my site? Should I register all these names with the search engines? I almost went ahead and did this, but the following fact made me stop. If you type any of these names into the browser window, my site appears with the Easyspace banner, as mentioned above, with the domain name in the browser window ("cloaking" the long Compuserve URL). However, if I click "Edit" in my Browser, which opens up the page in Microsoft Frontpage Express, the page that appears is Easyspace's page (the banner, I think), NOT mine. This made me wonder if registering my names with the search engines would be a waste of time, as the robots might just list Easyspace's page and not do mine at all. Could anyone give me some advice on this point?
>Also, if I am mistaken in thinking this, and registering my names does in fact send the robots to MY site each time, will I get penalised for "spamming"?
>Many thanks,
>David Kear

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