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Re: need some helpful person out there :)
From Chas at Web site marketing resource on 19 Sept '01
replying to need some helpful person out there :) posted by Tabatha Hagen

Never Never Never pay anyone to submit your site, there all a
ripeoff, you can do a far better job yourself submiting to the
major engines.

It usually takes a good few weeks to get listed in most of the
SE's when you submit from scratch - it may be quicker to check
some top ranked related topic sites and exchange links with them
- you'll need to setup a links page on your site (most SE's now
rank sites on the number of links to them) not only will you get
traffic back from them in return but the search engine bots
(programs that check the net for new / updated sites) will find
you quicker.

I had a quick look at your site and the first thing that
stands out is there's no keywords in your <title> tag. you've
currently got undefined in there; this is very important for
getting your site a high ranked in the engines also its what
shows up as your sites name in returned search results - try
putting your company name in there with 2 - 3 keywords relating
to that page.

best regards,


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