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Re: need some helpful person out there :)
From Chas at Best Flash Animation sites on 19 Sept '01
replying to Re: need some helpful person out there :) posted by Tabatha

>ahhhh...oh, and i forgot. should i resubmit because of this
>error or should i still wait?

No problem Tabatha, the title looks fine now except for
the comments "" these are only used for searching for exact
phrases (on search engines) and wont enhance your SE results.
I dont know if you've tried this but it may be
that your site is already listed, have
you typed in your sites address to the engines ie.
on most sites this will let you know if your listed.
or you could try searching for link:

SE's wont re index your site unless the page your submiting
has changed (the file size has changed) there is a way to
trick engines into beliving the page has changed by adding
some invisable html code this could be loads of non breaking
spaces   or hidden comments <!--Enter a large site
descrition here-->
once the page has increased by 4 - 5k then

Dont forget to add it to directories and
(these more often than not bring in the most traffic) although
dont bother with the free option on Yahoo its a waste of space ;-

all the best with your site,


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